Welcome to Watercolors on the Fly on WordPress!

Here you will find photos of my dabblings in watercolor.

I paint when I have time, which often is on the fly. I carry a water brush and a small tin with half-pans wherever I go. This is the current set-up:

cool colour mini painting kit


I moved the blog here, to WordPress, because when Blogger discontinued their iOS app for posting images quickly, I stopped blogging. I didn’t notice at first, but I started to miss it a little while ago.

I do like the blogging format – that you can write longer pieces in comparison to Twitter or FaceBook, and that it becomes an archive of sorts. It is handy to find old notes on how to go about things; such as how to properly draw a ribbon, or how to cut a quatrefoil pattern.

I just tried the WordPress app for iOS, and it works like a charm!

A previos version of this blog is at Blogger, here you can find older posts.
Update (2016-09-16): It was super-easy to import the old posts to this blog, so its a full move!


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