Water brushes

Water brushes are indispensible when painting on the fly. However, it is difficult to find the ‘perfect’ one.  Parka blogs has a great comparison of water brushes, which inspired me to go over the ones I have, while I consider what brushes to order.

Below is a time lapse of me trying the four waterbrushes I have, two from Derwent, and two from Sakura. I also compared with the synthetic flat and a foldable DaVinci round sable size 6 that I have in my on-the-go kit.



Reading Parka blogs post I realise its no wonder it has been a bit frustrating to paint with these: they tend to, especially the Derwents, to suck back pigment into the reservior. I’ll try a pentel next (but not the medium size since that one also sucks back the pigment), and a Holbein if I can find one.




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